Terms & Conditions


1.    Applicability of General Sales Conditions
1.1.    These General Sales Terms and Conditions apply to any and all purchases and sales that are in any way described, mentioned, promoted or listed in the catalogue for Artisan De La Truffe (“ADLT”) for the territory of the HONG KONG S.A.R. Any terms and conditions not expressly included herein are excluded. By placing an order, the Customer accepts these General Sales Terms and Conditions. Artisan Truffle Limited (“ATL”) reserves the right to modify the General Sales Terms and Conditions at any time. All new transactions with ATL entered into after the effective date of any such modification shall be governed by the modified Terms and Conditions.  

1.2.    No additional conditions ought to be introduced by any purchaser shall be deemed applicable unless expressly accepted in writing by an authorized officer of ATL. The failure of ATL to exercise one or more of its rights hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of those or any other rights.

2.    Requests and confirmation
2.1.    Orders shall be received from Monday to Friday, 0930AM to 0630PM. 
By telephone/ Head Office: (+852) 2836-4100/ 2836-4180
By fax/ Head Office: (+852) 2885-6200
By email: enquiry@thefoodstory.hk (Corporate Sales)

2.2    Once an order has been placed, cancellation or changes will not be accepted.

2.3    Each order is subject to approval by ATL. ATL reserves the rights to reject any order due to insufficient stock, incomplete customer information, or for any other lawful reason. ATL undertakes to inform the purchaser within two business days following receipt of an order if there will be a problem filling it.

3.    Prices
3.1    Unless otherwise noted, all ATL pricing and other charges are stated in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) before tax. Prices are subject to change.
3.2    Shipping charges, which are payable by the purchaser, are extra, and vary by destination. Details are available upon request from ATL.

4.    Payment at time of order
4.1    All purchases are subject to immediate payment using cash, cheques, credit cards or bank transfer.

5.    Availability of Products
5.1    The catalog lists all of the products that generally are available from ATL. From time to time products may be out of stock or otherwise unavailable. Please Certain special gift items are unique and hand crafted and, therefore, available only in small quantities. Should you be interested in those items, please give us a call before ordering to confirm that the product is available. ATL reserves the right in the event of the unavailability of an item (s) to substitute an item(s) of equal or greater value with the consent of the customer. There is a possibility that the presentation of the gift items may be modified to insure proper delivery and handling.

6.    Delivery

6.1    Due to the delivery being by way of third party courier,  ATL cannot guarantee the date and time of delivery. ATL also cannot be held liable for failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our control.

6.2    Purchasers are responsible for checking that all shipping information is correct before submitting an order as well as in their order confirmation email. Once a package has been shipped, the address cannot be altered.

7.    Returns
71    Once the order has been placed, cancellation or changes will not be accepted. However, they could be considered if the order has not yet been prepared. On the other hand once the goods have been passed on to the carrier/ customer, no cancellation or changes will be accepted and any sums of money paid by the customer will not be refunded. This does not affect your statutory rights.
7.2    Where ATL accepts a return in the case of an obvious flaw or the nonconformity of the products delivered with an order. ATL will allow the free replacement of the product or the return of the amount paid by the consumer. By accepting such, the consumer and any other party involved therewith (including the purchaser, where the consumer has received the ATL products as a gift), agrees to waive any additional claims it may have, including for interest and other payments. 

8.    Governing law
All of our transactions shall be governed by the laws of the HONG KONG S.A.R.

9.    No Resale
When you order products from us, if you are a customer, you agree that it is for personal use (by you or other individual(s) and that they will not be resold by you or other individual(s) unless authorized to do so by ATL. 
Note: the photos of our catalogue are not contractual.

Thank you for shopping with us.